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    瀏覽量:100 次   來源:駿捷雕刻機

      產品特點 | Equipment Features
      Disc magazine fixed on the right beam, changing time need 13 seconds.Convenient to complete complex processing tasks of multiple head.
      工業級控制系統,斷點續雕、斷電恢復、速度控制人性化一鍵式搡作,高效無憂??杉嫒軹ype3,Artcam,Alphacam. 文泰.格雕等多種國內外CAM軟件。
      Industrial control system,continuous carving during power failure and break point and speed control with the easy one button operation,high efficient.lt can compatible with Type3,Artcam,Alphacam .ARTCUT.JD Paint etc.CAM softwares from home and abroad.
      Each mechanical, pneumatic and electronic component used in the HSD electrospindles undergoes a double testing phase that guarantees optimum quality standards.
      采用進口新型酎環境型伺服電機以及驅動器,運行速度極快、精度極高、抗霣極強;另外伺服電機防護等級為IP65, 在惡劣環境下可以更安4、使用。
      We Adopt imported new anti-environment type Servo Motor and driver,With Fast speed.high precission and Shock resistance.Besides the Protection class of servo motor is IP65.it can be used in Harsh environment safely.
      The auto tool sensor of housands of classification accuracy’ s repositioning accuracy is 0.002mm,the protection grade is IP68. Another, It have 3 million times contact life and 304 stainless steel cable protection hose.
      高硬度PVC工程塑料臺面,光潔平整,矩陣式吸附溝道,并配備專業大功率真空泵,吸附能力超強。另外可選配定位 氣缸,工件定位方便、準確。
      High hardness table with PVC engineering -plastics,smooth and flat .matrix adsorbed slot,and equipped with professional large power vacuum pump,high adsofption capacity .Moreover,positioning air cylinder is an optional part,easier and more accurate fof positioning.
      we adopt imported ballscrew,sliding block.and guide rail from Taiwan,good quality and high precision to make
      the machine with high speed and high precision.
      低壓電氣部件均為國內外專業品牌.比如施耐德(Schneider}、ABB、霍尼韋爾{ Honeywell)、歐姆龍 (Omron )、SMC, IE泰{ CHNT)、德力西(DELIXI)等。
      Low voltage electrical components is the top brand of the international and inland.for example,ABB,Honeywell, Omron,AMC,CHNT,DELIXI.
      適用行業和材料 | Applicable industry and material
      ♦Furniture:plate-type furniture,wood furniture,office furniture,cabinet,wood doors and windows.
      ♦Wood :Musical Instruments, speakers, game cabinets, computer desk, electrical counter top.
      ♦Panel processing:Insulation . plastic parts;PCB;balling track,inner body of car .Resistance special plate, epoxy resin. ABS. PP. PE and other carbide mixed compounds.
      ♦Decoration lndustry:Acrylic,PVC,MDF.organic glass,plastic,soft metal such as copper and aluminum plate engraving processing.
      技術參數 | Technical parameters
      機型丨Model JK-1325S
      行程 | Working travel X軸 | X axis 1300mm
      Y軸 | Y axis 2500mm
      Z軸 | Z axis 200mm
      臺面結構丨Table structure 真空吸附 | Vacuum suction
      運行軌道 | Orbit 臺灣上銀或銀泰方軌 | HIWIN or PMI square orbit
      傳動形式  | Transmission type X、Y齒條,Z絲桿 | X、Y Rack, Z Ball screw
      加工精度 | Working accuracy ±0.05
      重復定位精度丨Repositioning accuracy ±0.05
      最大空行速度 | Max air move speed 60000mm/min
      最大加工速度 | Max working speed 25000mm/min
      主軸參數  | Spindle parameters 冷卻方式  | Type of cooling 意大利進口風冷主軸 | Imported Italian HSD air cooling spindle
      功率| Power 9KW
      速度| Speed 0-24000r/min
      變頻器丨Inverter 11KW四方變頻器丨 11KWSunfar Inverter
      驅動系統 | Drive system 750W日本安川伺服(Z400W) | 750KW Japan Yaskawa servo (Z400W)
      運行指令丨Command code G代碼丨G code
      控制系統丨Control system 臺灣新代6MA | Syntec-6MA
      注油系統  | Oiling system 自動 | Automatic
      工作電壓  | Working voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ




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